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Top of mind, October 21, 2019

by Amelia Greenhall - 10/21/19

Thinking about the climate crisis, as always. Trying to move more into action and change at a more substantial level. To really wrap my head around the reality of what is happening. What We're Fighting for Now is Each Other by Wen Stephenson really was what I needed. I'm in the midst of a personal reckoning / spiritual crisis / shift this year, trying to come to terms and figure out what to do with my life to harm less and contribute as best I can.

Listening to Impeachment, Explained podcast. Watched Money Heist recently, really enjoyed it.

New pattern coming out shortly from my collaboration with Amy at All Well - for free, this time. A circle bag, super cute. Some pictures of the Full Moon Bag.


Something we've been talking about since we launched the Bucket Bag in April! I made one in light blue denim out of an old pair of jeans, and want to make the bigger size in shearling next.

all well etsy products

The sewing pattern collaborations we've done so far, on Etsy. So neat to see them start to be substantial.

I made a little brand for my print and publishing projects: ANEMONE. There are some new riso prints that I'm working on finishing up today, printing at Paper Press Punch tomorrow.

Things I'm planning to sew before Seattle Frocktails in two weeks:

I'm beginning to think that certain types of black tea might make me have increased asthma symptoms and difficulty breathing. How can I test that hypothesis?

Need to do some more decluttering and tidying and KonMari process stuff this fall, clear out for more room for what I'm actively working on and using.

Running in the park nearby has really been nice in the mornings, just being outside even in the rain.

Curly girl method?

— Amelia Greenhall

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