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Top of mind - Monday June 17, 2019

by Amelia Greenhall - 06/17/2019

Mountains mountains mountains

Climate crisis / ecological crisis / environmental collapse / weather destabilization / climate breakdown


Artist writer engineer architect

Pattern making. Pattern making software. Complete slow fashion wardrobe. Auto generated set of patterns based on your body measurements.

Want more of: Comedy and dancing. Massage? Go to Dance Church this week.

Lingering undone projects that don’t feel good: Plant project, HAM radio certification. Also maybe kayaking.

How many versions of the All Well Box Top is too many?


The Box Top instructions and Hacking Guide are book length, makes me want to get them printed in a beautiful way in the future. So happy they are out in the world, fun hard work to make and they are good. Liking this collaboration with Amy!



Found a place that teaches Riso Printing in Seattle! Could this be my screenprint-replacement medium for the next few years? Transparency and gradients and rich colors! Hopeful! (!!!)

Financial books and retirement advice. Margin of safety - 3% rule or 4% rule, cash cushion, etc. How to Think About Money by Clements was good, and so short. Trying to find the best finance book recs so I’ve been reading tons of them again.

Rainier trip gear thoughts. Thinner gloves - liners - to replace the ones I had that wore out. Didn't have enough dexterity in mittens to do everything and I should not have had bare hands out in that wind. Pulleys - more - 2 per person? Shovel. Ice screw per person? Hooded base layer. Sew it with Katie? Extra warm pants… pack up on summit attempts. Start using our old gps device? Or are phones good enough?

Left 12:45am. Summit 7:30am. Time to summit: 6h 45min. Descent: Left summit: 8:30am? Camp: 12:30pm. Descent ~5kft in 4h

Camp Schurman: 8:45am Camp Curtis: 9:15am Car: noon. Descending 6k ft + 1kft in 3.5hrs

Pretty decent time, would have gone slower and checked things out more if it had been less windy. Felt like it was easier this time than climbing it in 2009 or 2010, maybe just more experienced now. Really fun to climb with Adam and Luke a second time, 10 years later - longtime mountaineering partners are awesome. Communication is good when you've known one another a long while.


Having the second night to sleep at base camp (instead of hiking out) was so good. I hardly felt tired after the trip, so different from Mt. Olympus a few weeks ago (when we summited and did 25 miles of hiking in a 20 hour timespan). Maybe we should have just done that one with no camping at all, and had very light packs? Anways, we got to see this sunset the day after we summited.



Need to mend two holes in the mesh of the tent, and worn tears in the tent stakes bag. Finally time to replace the long underwear from 2006 (or earlier?) b/c the elastic is so far gone they won’t stay up and tucked into my top layer… chilly! Can I find high waisted long underwear somewhere? Sarah and I were talking about designing high waisted women’s outdoors pants.


Should make a digital version of the mountaineering neck gaitor/hood and put it and the sewing instructions online! Such a favorite piece of gear. It's the black fleese thing in the photo above.

Luke’s Katadyn BeFree water filter was incredible. What a level up in gear design/technology, it was just so fast. Probably worth getting one.

Collabs section on this site? /sewing page?

Things to sew next: Raspberry Rucksacks for 2 kids, Fennel Fanny packs for me and family. More Persephone Pants.

Links: Amelia Bedelia and secret rebellion. I’m not named after her but maybe I am! Also, this link from the article!

— Amelia Greenhall