MG 3218

Cleaned all the winter grime off my bike, I always get surprised when I re-discover that my front drive train is silvery metal and not dark grime. Haven't been biking as much in the pandemic (no friends houses to bike to, no bike commute to work stuff) and I decided to try to brighten up my bike to make it beautiful – fresh bar tape, water bottle holders in the Bianci celeste blue! And I added an odometer, to start tracking miles. I know tracking works for me, in terms of paying attention to what I measure, why not see them add up.

Mom and I are going to have a "ride every day in February" challenge with one another.

Ordered high waisted underwear, which are great. I'm between two sizes, so I traced off a pattern and adjusted to take it in at the waist a bit, and sewed myself a test pair out of an old tshirt. I'll be sewing myself more of those (in wool knit for hiking/climbing) and also ordering more new at some point, once I see how they wear and shrink.

Finally almost done with the red studio pants, just need to decide on the elastic length and then finish sewing the waistband. Put them in the laundry in the meantime, I think that softening them in will help me decide. Then, to figure out how to dye them, probably.

MG 3273 red all well studio pants

Working on the inspector for Spectrolite, and adding color halftoning options. Learning the VS code tricks too, after switching over from Sublime Text.

Carving. Sketchbook. Bullet journal. Morning pages. Routines. A slow week but taking studio notes also shows making progress.