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Sourdough Supplies

by Amelia Greenhall - 05/31/2019


These are the supplies I use each time I make bread. (My sourdough routine.) I find that Smart Food Service (prevously called Cash & Carry) is a great source in Seattle.

Stuff to buy (if you don't already have):

  • 6L / 6 Qt circular plastic containers, and lids - get two, one to store cooked bread and one to make leaven/bulk dough - $6/set at Smart Food Service (aka Cash & Carry)
  • Bench Knife - ~$4 at Smart Food Service (aka Cash & Carry). Examples on Amazon.
  • Dough Scraper - $2 at Smart Food Service (aka Cash & Carry). Similar to the bench knife, this piece of plastic is for scraping the bowls, and can be used when washing up to save your sponges. The one I have.
  • Digital scale - Around $10 on Amazon and often available at thrift stores for less
  • Tartine Bread book - ~$25 online
  • Small box of double edge safety razor blades - I purchased mine $1.50 for a box of 10 at Daiso Japan. Example on Amazon
  • 2x Proofing baskets, 8" or 10" diameter - you can find round baskets in thrift shops (and then line them in a floured tea towel). Or buy fancy bannetons online (~$10 on Amazon) or at kitchen stores like Sur La Table or similar. You can also use 2 bowls 7-10” across, but I get better results from baskets/banneton.

Things you probably can find around the house:

  • Hotpads and/or oven mitts
  • Jar for starter - I use an eden salt jar or a jam jar
  • 2nd jar for starter, if you’re lazy and don’t want to compost the extra starter too often - I use a big mason jar
  • Pitcher that holds 700+ grams of water - it’s nice if the mouth is big enough that you can stick your hand in to feel the temperature
  • 1-2 tea towels
  • Wooden coffee stirrer (to attach the razor blade for slashing the doughs)

Optional supplies: These are things that make the process easier, but you can get later as you get into bread making.

  • Wire rack
  • Thermometer for water
  • Thermometer for oven
  • 20L / 22 Qt plastic container and lid - can store 25lb of bread flour in this - $18 at Smart Food Service (aka Smart Food Service (aka Cash & Carry))


These are the things you use up - I generally buy a 25 lb sack of flour every 2-3 months, a bag of whole wheat flour every two months. The rest of the stuff needs rebuying much less frequently, on the order of year(s).

See: The Delicious Math of Sourdough.

  • Morbread bread flour - $9-11 for a 25 lb sack at Smart Food Service (aka Cash & Carry) (prices vary seasonally)
  • Whole wheat flour - $4-5 for a 5 lb bag of locally milled stuff
  • Salt - I use Diamond Crystal in the red box - $2-3 for a gigantic cereal-box sized box

Optional ingredients: These are used for flouring the bannetons/bottom of loaves.

  • Maseca flour - $4 for 10b at Smart Food Service (aka Cash & Carry)
  • Rice flour - $2 for a box at H Mart

IMG 2389 I have been mostly using Stone Buhr whole wheat flour, local to the Seattle area.

Heads up that the amazon links are affiliate links - testing it out - and this blog might get a percentage of sales. But buying used, borrowing from a friend, and buying in person are generally better options!

— Amelia Greenhall