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Slim Leg Persephone Pants [4]

by Amelia Greenhall - 02/10/2019

This is my second pair of Persephone Pants in black denim (and I’ve also made them in white linen for shorts) so I decided to try a few things differently: Slimmer leg, zip fly front (instead of button fly). The fit on them is awesome!

IMG 1652

Sewing Notes:

  • Add fly front, following instructions from Megan Nielsen’s jeans sewalong, and also googled “sewing jeans fly front” and read through a couple other posts with photo instructions. (There are tons of good ones!)
  • Make legs slimmer. Starting about 3.5” down from crotch point, curve in gradually to remove 2.25” on each side at the inside hem, when the legs are folded flat.
  • Add 3/4” to the front rise
  • Add 4” to the leg length, using 1.5 of those inches to make the bottom hem much deeper than the pattern calls for
  • Grade from 6 waist to 8/10 hips
  • Leave out front pockets (too small for the width of my hands - maybe in the future I’ll adjust that and do a version with the pockets included)

— Amelia Greenhall