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Sewing Software: Sketch Plugin

by Amelia Greenhall - 04/16/2019

Here are some things to build for a Sketch plugin for streamlining the process of drafting digital sewing patterns in Sketch.

I'm currently writing a tutorial series about how to do that, many of these ideas come from current shortcomings of squeezing a digital-design tool to work in real world units, and in an industry (pattern-making/sewing) that it's not specialized for.

Some thoughts on things to build, in order of urgency:

  • Unit conversion (pixels to in/cm)
  • Measurement toolbar icon + shortcut - select 1+ vectors/lines and compare
  • Lock a point in place XY
  • Lock length of a vector
  • Import your base measurements from web app
  • Export as PDF - Print at Home and One Page, from a single artboard in a more streamless way
  • Test pattern piece layouts to determine material amounts needed (constraints on grainlines, folds)
  • Output as AI compatible file
  • Output as Optitex-compatible file
  • Adjust base pattern for shrinkage of different fabrics, so garment wash can happen after sewing
  • Grading
  • Generate “Markers” of various widths, layouts of all sizing
  • Upload pattern to my library
  • Version history for pattern in development

— Amelia Greenhall

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