Since I wrote the publishing workflow for ANEMONE zines post, I've figured out how to impose letter sized zines onto ledger (11x17) size paper.

I use the same method described there, but run the output (the statement sized pages imposed onto letter sized pages) through pdfLaTeX one more time.



% the next line is the only line you need to edit
offset=0cm 0cm,delta=0cm 0cm,trim=0mm 0mm 0mm 0mm,clip]{formatted-zine.pdf,1-32}


% This is the line you run in terminal:
% pdflatex formatted-ledger.tex

In that code block, you've got a file named "formatted-zine.pdf" that is 32 pages, and will result in a 16 page output named "formatted-ledger.pdf". Edit the number of pages in that line as needed. Probably not very useful if you're not comfortable with code or fairly patient – the setup detailed in that last post was kindof a pain to wrangle initially. But wanted to share so that anyone could use if you wanted.

I'd like to add this type of thing into Spectrolite so that some simple RISO-specific zine making options are available for people who don't have InDesign or more in-depth imposition software (like Quite Imposing, Imposition Studio, or the literally named Imposition Software). I want to be able to collaborate on simple zines in google docs/slides, and then export them to PDF and be able to print them on riso pretty quick. EDIT: This is in Spectrolite now!

imposition sketch