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Seattle Sewing Resources

by Amelia Greenhall - 07/03/2019

This is one of my sewing related works-in-progress post, which I am keeping published as I work on it. Please let me know if you have suggestions for things to add!

Fabric Stores

seattle sewing stores map sketch

Seattle ReCreative

Greenwood, on top of Phinney Ridge just north of Coyle’s Bakeshop · 8408 GREENWOOD AVENUE N. SEATTLE, WA 98103 · Mon-Fri - 9 to 6, Sat - 10 to 6, Sun - noon to 5

A creative reuse and arts non-profit, it focuses on keeping donated art supplies out of the landfill and has fabric for $2/yard, loads of buttons and notions and some tools for inexpensive prices. Also tons of yarn/weaving other textile stuff, and big rolls of paper. I’ve found silk, velvet, denim, canvas, and great knits here - besides the learning-friendly price, one thing I like about this fabric is that it’s often already been washed, since it’s donated.

Seattle Fabrics

85th and Aurora, on the east side of Aurora.

All the technical fabrics, mesh, spandex, fleece, and canvas your heart could desire. Lots of outdoor apparel/gear patterns, and a huge selection of toggles/clasps/etc for bag and gear making. Every time I go I wish I could spend hours looking around.

"Seattle Fabrics, Inc. specializes in outdoor, recreational, marine and industrial fabrics as well as all of the notions you need and much more! If you enjoy outdoor activities and would like to make your own outdoor gear, repair existing gear or outfit your boat, then we have the materials for you. We have everything for almost any heavy duty project from the fabric, zippers, grommets, fasteners, webbing and hardware, to the thread to put it all together!"

Drygoods Design

Pioneer Square · 301 Occidental Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104 · @drygoodsdesign

Can get there from Pioneer Square light rail. Classes, curated selection of fabric and notions, indie patterns, books. They also have samples of popular indie patterns, and classes/workshops.

Pacific Fabrics

SODO · 2230 4th Avenue South Seattle WA (Washington) 98134

Another locally owned store, they also have Bellevue and Bremerton locations. Huge selection, esp. good place for notions - I love looking at the many options of colored cotton webbing.


Capitol Hill, on the south side of Pike two blocks west of Broadway · 11am - 7pm · @stitchesseattle

Apparel fabric, lots of notions and tools.

JOANN Fabrics

Ballard · 2217 NW 57th St, Seattle, WA 98107

I find this chain store hard to parse because of all the different things on different percent off sales all the time, but it’s sure got a lot of fabric and notions.

The Library!

I love going to the downtown library and pulling out books from 746 & 747 and 646 in the dewey decimal system. 677 is textiles. Also, psychological influence of clothing at 155.95 and 372 has creative and manual arts, 391 has customs associated with clothing, 687 has clothing.

#Seattle Sews Meetups

I haven’t been to one yet because of my schedule, but they are announced on #seattlesewsmeetups


Hashtag to find other seattle area sewists on Instagram.

Seattle Frocktails

Also: Portland Frocktails… for those looking for an excuse to visit PDX.

Other recommendations for getting fabric:

Trading with other local people who sew!

Thrift stores for fabric - esp the Goodwill on Dearborn, Ballard Goodwill, Ballard Value Village. Also thrift stores in smaller towns and cities around WA.

Yard sales and estate sales - Craiglist has listings, or just look for signs on walks.

IKEA Renton - not just their by-the-yard textiles, but also curtains, duvet covers, flat sheets, woven blankets.

Canvas painting drop cloths at hardware stores.

Places I’ve been meaning to check out

Let me know if you’ve been!

  • There’s a bulk canvas seller in Ballard…?
  • Designer Fabric Liquidations - Fremont
  • Our Fabric Stash - Pike Place Market consignment fabric?

— Amelia Greenhall