Fun 4.25 x 11" single fold brochures were printed on the riso with just one master stencil - you get two copies of the same brochure per tabloid (11x17") size sheet. The list of things to risograph print brochure is an example!

99 things riso blue


This riso tutorial shows how to lay out the design, risograph print and cut and fold brochures so that you can use ink and master stencils efficently.

riso-brochure-tutorial-anemone-IMG 0837

You can also print brochures that are half the size, this way, either getting 4 brochures out of each 11x17" sheet – or do two different designs.

riso-brochure-tutorial-anemone-IMG 0835 copy

Another template idea is to make a two page mini-book! With just one master, you can get two books per sheet of paper you print on.

riso-brochure-tutorial-anemone-IMG 0834 copy

Have fun! More stuff like this over at ANEMONE and on insta

Here's the instagram post version of the tutorial.