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Purple Child’s Dress

by Amelia Greenhall

This is a child’s pillowcase dress from a purple patterned cotton for a three year old who plays outside a lot. About 22 inches from neckline to hem, with a drawstring and a front pocket.

purple pattern dress

I used purple thread for all the stitiching except the shoulder straps, and wish I'd switched to white for everything except the decorative flowers. It just looks a little 'handmade' to me with the purple. Also, I made the pocket out of a double-thick scrap of fabric, and should have just made it single layer and two pockets.

Related: There’s an adult-sized version tutorial to draft a pattern for a shirt or shift dress based on your measurements from Jenny Gordy of Wiksten in the book Made By Hand.

03 - 22 - 2019 | ACG

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