#halfmoonzip samples stacking up 🌓

I've been getting my publishing workflow figured out, and wanted to share some notes in case they're useful to anyone, and for my future self too:

Poems for Covid-19 by Amy Bornman is the first print publication I've made for my publishing imprint ANEMONE. Here's what I used:

  • Google Docs to communicate with Amy about edits to the poems, and front and back matter details.
  • Scrivener to lay out the zine and export it as a PDF at the right size, as well as exporting .epub and .mobi files for the digital edition.
  • pdflatex to make the booklets, see code below.
  • Printed on Cream Hammermill Paper 24 lb. (90 g/m2) for interior pages, and Ivory Neenah Bristol Vellum 67 lb (147 g/m2) for the cover.
  • Printed with a Brother HL-L2390DW laser printer. This was a run of 25, in the future I'll print mostly with a risograph machine for larger production runs.
  • Long-arm stapler for saddle stitch binding.
  • A stack cutter Guillo-Max 17" to trim down the edges

I’m so happy thinking about all the publishing to come, and so excited this book is out in the world!

This is the code, which I learned from Julia Evans' Ways to write zines without fancy tools blog post:



% the next line is the only line you need to edit
offset=0cm 0cm,delta=0cm 0cm,trim=0mm 0mm 0mm 0mm,clip]{compiled.pdf,1-20}


And in terminal to run the code, the line: pdflatex formatted-zine.tex