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Print your big Copy Shop Sewing Pattern PDF online

by Amelia Greenhall - 04/12/2019

*This is a follow up to the tutorial about creating copyshop PDF files when you're pattern drafting in Sketch. *

If you don’t feel like taping together 10-20 or maybe more pages of letter paper to make a pattern, you can probably get the “Copy Shop” version printed, either at a local shop or online.


To find local printing options, Cashmerette recommends googling “engineering print printing”, “plan printing”, “blueprint printing” or “reprographics printing”.

Online printing options

The consensus is that is the best for US sewists, but I've also seen a number of mentions of Blueprints Printing.

That Cashmerette blog post is the also best overview of online printing options I’ve seen, going through options for many copies.

Sewing Blogs about Printing big PDFs online:


— Amelia Greenhall

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