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5,000 Project

Ochre Pillow

by Amelia Greenhall

0001--2019-01-09 IMG 0980

The first of the 5,000 project: a small circle pillow for writing.

Being tall means that I have longer than pattern-standard arms, and I think I have pretty pointy elbows too. And I spend a lot of time writing each week (mostly morning pages). So my clothes often get elbow holes, sometimes many years before I’m ready to stop wearing them. (Does anyone else have this elbows problem?) Hopefully this little pillow will mean I’m sewing on fewer elbow patches and losing fewer sweaters before their time.

So count me in to the elbow pillow club, along with whoever that author was with the custom elbow pillow featured in their glossy jacket photo.

0001--2019-01-09 IMG 0981

0001--2019-01-09 IMG 0982

Ochre silk noil. Approx. 20cm diameter.

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