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What I'm doing now

  • Risograph printing! & other fun projects for ANEMONE, like building Spectrolite, a Mac desktop app for riso printing.
  • Working on All Well sewing patterns in collaboration with Amy Bornman.
  • Staying at home in the pandemic.
  • Bike everyday challenge with my mom.
  • Studying for a HAM radio license.


  • Morning routine: Skincare, stretching, morning pages and tea, bullet journal, meditation
  • Daily life with Adam: cooking, eating, taking walks or bike rides, talking to people
  • Going outside
  • Reading books (50+ books a year since 2007, I hope to do this my entire life)
  • We're in a mass extinction, climate crisis, etc - what can I do today?


  • Making sourdough bread (Tartine style)
  • Carving (wooden spoons)


If any of this sounds interesting and you want to talk about it, get in touch! I am always looking to meet new friends/collaborators.