Notes from the book Mushroom at the End of the World, read in the San Rafael Reef.

Contaminated diversity

Transformative mutualism


Precarious survival

Living in ruins - we mostly have to work within our disorientation and distress to negotiate life in human-damaged environments

Salvage rhythms

Ever changing relational, encounter-based collaborations vs self-contained individual

To listen and tell a rush of stories Arts of noticing, ethnography and natural history included in science

The expectation of scaling up - progress defined as the ability to make projects expand without changing their framing assumptions Nonscalable does not necessarily mean more ethical conduct, but it is more diverse because it’s not geared up for expansion

Workers as self-contained, interchangeable units — standardizable as abstract labor

Assemblages are defined by the strength of what they gather as much as their always-possible dissipation. They make history. Ineffability, presence

Attention to the hear and now of encounter, in all its contingencies and surprises

Many fungi are potentially immortal, meaning they die from disease, injury, or lack of resources but not old age. They keep growing and chaining shape and form their whole lives. What if our (humans) intedeterminate life form was not the shape of our bodies but the shape of our motions over time? Such indeterminacy expands our concept of human life, changing us. We are transformed by encounter

Translation - the drawing of one world making project into another

Alienation - in capitalist logics of commodification, things are torn from their life-worlds to become objects of exchange, both humans and non-humans Things become standalone objects to be used or exchanged, they bear no relation to the personal networks in which they are made and deployed

Amassing wealth is possible without rationalizing about raw materials, it requires acts of translation across varied social and political spaces, “patches” to use the ecological term

Gifts make relations and reputations, that is their value

Everyday peasant efforts are often responses to historical shifts far out of their control. Small disturbances eddy within the currents of big disturbances

International winds - the force of traveling ideas, terms, models and project goals that move charismatic or forceful and thus are able to shape human relations to the environment

Industrial forest ruins