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This is a personal website, but it's still worthwhile to note some of this:

Privacy Statement

The main tracker on this site is Google Analytics. I use it to look at site-wide stats - like how many times a page is viewed - and not at individual people's browsing behavior specifically. This can give a general sense of what's being found most useful + frequently read and returned to, overall. You can block if you want by installing a browser plugin like Ghostery or Privacy Badger, or using a browser like Brave. Adblockers and cookie blockers can help with that a bit, as well as making the internet much more pleasant to look at. Here are some digital tool recommendations that inlude adblockers and other things.

This is a static site, and it uses HTTPS and is hosted on Netlify.

Earning Notice

There might be affiliate links - the type where you click on a link and this site gets a commission if you buy something. As noted in FTC guidelines, this website might be compensated by companies mentioned in it, through advertising, affiliate programs or other methods. This site is where I do code experiments, so I sometimes try out various things here.

My policy for this site is that I won’t include links for items I don’t use personally, or think are worth buying for someone trying to do something in particular, unless that’s specifically noted in the surrounding text. My general hierarchy of getting stuff is to not get it, or try to use something I already have, borrow (need it just once or infrequently), buy it used, buy it locally, and then buy it online. Also: library books! So I hope that the online links to stuff I recommend is a convenience. I really like recommending things that have worked for me - but don’t get it if you don’t need it!

Guest or Paid Posts

This site doesn’t have paid posts, and doesn’t accept unsolicited guest posts. It’s just a personal website for me to experiment with and write on.


Sometimes I write about financial topics: I’m not a financial planner and these are just my opinions. This site can only offer general information, and you might want to discuss your specific situation and goals with a financial advisor. Same thing goes for climbing trip reports and talking about gear - like investment decisions, climbing involves unavoidable risks. The fact that I talk about climbing/mountaineering on this site doesn't mean it will be safe for you (or me). Same for book or product recommendations - just because I note it, doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for your life. And so on.

In general, this website is meant for entertainment (my own, in creating it, and yours) and you should exercise your usual judgement in deciding what will work for you.


These and any other policies might change, check back here if you have any questions.