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The best way to get in touch is to send me a note on email -

Some things I’d really love to talk about:

  • Sewing!
  • Trading reading recommendations - books and articles you've been moved by… send them my way!
  • Artists to buy work from (currently mostly focused on BIPOC artists working in textile, printmaking/riso, collage, small sculpture)
  • Designing and releasing PDF sewing pattern(s)
  • More on what I'm currently working on at /now. Generally interested in chatting about that stuff!

People I'd like to meet / organizing IRL things to do:

  • Climbing partners for mountaineering, scrambling, alpine trad - probably based out of Seattle / the Cascades / Olympics ranges. For reference: climbs list.
  • People who want to get together for Zine/art making time/sewing in Seattle
  • Bullet journal meetup?

Email me if you want to chat on Signal or WhatsApp.

I'm also on (but rarely use - so replies might be slow!) Twitter @ameliagreenhall, LinkedIn, Github @ameliagreenhall.