For a long time, I've wanted to carve wooden spoons. I bought a beautiful tiny one from olive wood in 2007, so it goes back at least that far. More generally, I've been noticing a tendency in myself to deny permission to do some of the creative things that I really want to do, but that would involve spening some money on new supplies or making physical space for something new in our apartment, or making time. And I've been trying to actively counteract that tendency now, and watch for it. So spoon carving is happening, at long last.

spoon carving 1

I've started out with some tools from Melanie Abrantes - a 10.5 mm spoon gouge, and a knife, and a bench hook. So far I've made one spoon, and am working on several more spoons, a wooden tray, and chopsticks.

This is really fun, in a quiet way.

spoon carving 2