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5,000 Project

Canvas Drawstring Bag

by Amelia Greenhall

IMG 1949 IMG 1948 I’m interested in figuring out the most idealized proportions for drawstring storage bags. Is it just golden rectangles and squares and that kind of thing? Is there a set of nesting sizes that are particularly pleasing? And from there, what formulas to use to make the design parametric.

This construction attempt is a little awkward in proportion, but probably usable, and I figured out a lot in the process.

Sewing Notes

  1. Two rectangles of fabric.
  2. At the short edge, fold over 1cm, then 3-4cm, pressing both. Make a cut so you can fold the raw edges at the sides of the hem tube in at the sides by an additional 1 cm. Press.
  3. From the right side, stitch the hem to create the tube for the drawstring.
  4. French seam around the three open sides of each piece to create a bag. (Right sides together, trim seam allowance, wrong sides together sew all the way around to capture the raw edges.)
  5. Turn the bag out so that the right side is on the outside. Press the sides out to create two triangles, making the floor of the bag a rectangle. Sew a seam across each triangle. Cut the triangle flaps off close to the seam.
  6. Turn the bag so the wrong side is facing out, and press or finger press along the seam with the raw edges you just cut (now inside the bag). Sew across the edge at a seam allowance large enough to capture the raw edges within the french seam.
  7. Turn the bag right side out once more, and thread the drawstring(s) through.

02 - 13 - 2019 | ACG