I've been working with Amy Bornman of All Well Workshop helping her develop the pattern and instructions for the All Well Bucket Bag, and it's finally HERE! I wanted to share a few visuals that I pulled from google image searches this morning that are along the lines of what I'm thinking for my final version of the bag.

bucket bag inspiration - natural canvas with contrast straps

First of all, natural cotton canvas with leather straps. I'm going to modify the straps on both of my test versions and I'm considering adding leather straps. But I'm not sure I can leave my bag white, I end up staining white stuff too quickly.

bucket bag inspiration - earth tone canvas

Earth tone canvas - I think this color family with leather looks so beautiful for bucket bags and totes. Also! In searching for imagery, I found one from Madewell circa 2017 (google image search "convertible backpack bucket bag madewell"), with similar proportions to the two front pockets that's quite lovely. It's no longer available, but they still have a drawstring, non-convertible backpack for $78 that's cute - bottom right above.

bucket bag with leather details, magnet, hanging pocket

The no longer available Madewell version (above) has some well considered details worth pointing out. A hanging pocket (already have a tutorial planned for one - but it'll only work well with the thickest canvas so not part of the main pattern), a magnet clasp (good idea!), and little leather detailing on the sides where the pockets meet. Also, it has a more rectangular bottom (12 x 6 inches, ish?) that could be a nice variation for people who wear their bag in backpack configuration most of the time.

bucket bag inspiration - leather

This is not something I need right now, because I have two other leather bags, but leather is so beautiful and it would last forever and looks so classic as a bucket bag.

bucket bag inspiration - blue and white stripe

Dreamy thick blue and white stripe canvas from the last few seasons of Baggu has been inspiring. If I ever run across some similar print, I'm going to make a bag out of it. I've seen denim/canvas for pillow ticking in the upholstry/utility sections at some fabric stores, with thinner stripes.

bucket bag inspiration - black canvas

I really enjoy the subtlety of thicker, dark canvas material - where you can really see and feel the weave of the fabric, but still get the long wear and versatility of a dark black or navy. I like the aesthetic of this $55 canvas rectangular bucket bag purse from Baggu. This type of fabric would also look great with brass grommets, and canvas or leather straps.

It's been so fun working on this pattern, and exciting to see all the beautiful versions people have been making. You can get a copy here!

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