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Amelia Greenhall · BLOG


Sourdough Supplies

Here are all the supplies (bowls, plastic tubs, dough scraper, bench knife, etc) and where I source them. Plus, how/why to buy 25lbs of bread flour at a time!

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Sourdough Routine

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Vote with your vote, not forks

How we can’t consume our way to a better food system. A link to a really great article.

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Sewing Climbing, Mountaineering and Backpacking Gear

What makes something a good candidate for sewing climbing gear? Plus a list of gear I want to sew or make patterns for.

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Bucket Bag Inspiration: Colors and Fabrics

A survey of ready to wear bucket bag design details!

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Climbing Rope Bag - Sewing Pattern Tutorial

Sew a DIY climbing rope bag - here’s a tutorial I wrote with rough pencil sketch illustrations.

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Sewing Software: Sketch Plugin

Here are some things to build for a Sketch plugin for streamlining the process of drafting digital sewing patterns.

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A Monk's Guide to a Clean House and Mind

So many good ways to look at things differently.

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Edison, WA

A tiny street-sized town on the Samish Bay part of the Puget Sound, with a bakery, some art stuff, a cafe called “Tweets” and a taqueria. Worth a visit!

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Some strategies we use to make less trash, buy less, use less overall.

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Figuring out

Skincare, sergers, Beirut concert, making patterns. That feeling of something new clicking.

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Plant Project: Design Objectives

What makes a good hydroponic garden system? One that will actually get used regularly, for a long time, and make lots of plants for not much money. Also, it should be fun, smell good, and the plants should be delicious!

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