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Top of mind - Monday June 17, 2019

What to do in life. Mountaineering. Climate crisis. More box tops. Lingering undone tasks.

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Everlasting Gear

How old can I get my gear? Once it wears out beyond repair, can I cut it into component parts and re-use those in new gear? When to replace?

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Embracing obsession and being particular at least leads to having less stuff? Plus, my favorite pen, notebook, and coffeecup.

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Sourdough Supplies

Here are all the supplies (bowls, plastic tubs, dough scraper, bench knife, etc) and where I source them. Plus, how/why to buy 25lbs of bread flour at a time!

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Sourdough Routine

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All Well Bucket Bag is here! Plus patternmaking behind the scenes

Sew a classic bucket bag sewing pattern with convertible straps to go from backpack to shoulder bag! Plus some looks at the patternmaking process.

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Vote with your vote, not forks

How we can’t consume our way to a better food system. A link to a really great article.

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Sewing Climbing, Mountaineering and Backpacking Gear

What makes something a good candidate for sewing climbing gear? Plus a list of gear I want to sew or make patterns for.

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Bucket Bag Inspiration: Colors and Fabrics

A survey of ready to wear bucket bag design details!

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Climbing Rope Bag - Sewing Pattern Tutorial

Sew a DIY climbing rope bag - here’s a tutorial I wrote with rough pencil sketch illustrations.

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Sewing Software: Sketch Plugin

Here are some things to build for a Sketch plugin for streamlining the process of drafting digital sewing patterns.

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A Monk's Guide to a Clean House and Mind

So many good ways to look at things differently.

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