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Amelia Greenhall · BLOG


Lemony Eggy Baked Pancake (Dutch Baby) Recipe

Lemony, eggy, sprinkled with powdered sugar, a special treat for a weekend morning.

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Publishing workflow for ANEMONE zines

Some notes on process and tools, in case they're useful.

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A List of Things to Risograph Print

Ideas for at least 100 things that could be riso prints. There's a lot to do with paper and ink.

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Lockdown update

Rage, climate, trying to contribute, thoughts from the first months of lockdown.

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Croissant baking notes, a first attempt at the Tartine Bread version with sourdough starter AND yeast-based poolish.

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City Guide: Favorite Places in Nashville

I lived in Nashville for 4 years and spent a lot of time listening to live music, taking walks and bike rides, and roaming around. Here are my favorite spots.

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Top of mind, October 21, 2019

Climate crisis always top of mind. A new free bag sewing pattern. Starting ANEMONE. Stopping using shampoo (again).

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My Skincare Routine

Wish I'd discovered one sooner, because moisturizing sure does feel good.

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Slow Fashion-ish Brands I'm Interested In

Sewing inspiration in terms of fit/shape/form /fabrics/aesthetics.

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Minimalist Slow Fashion Wardrobe List

What would I sew, to build a small wardrobe?

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Top of mind - Monday June 17, 2019

What to do in life. Mountaineering. Climate crisis. More box tops. Lingering undone tasks.

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Everlasting Gear

How old can I get my gear? Once it wears out beyond repair, can I cut it into component parts and re-use those in new gear? When to replace?

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