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Amelia Greenhall · BLOG


A list of MAPS to Risograph print

I want to publish and risograph print a LOT of maps with ANEMONE. Let's be *prolific*!

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Pandemic Update 2

Sewing, swimming, RISO, money, taking action, reading recs, and other updates from the last few months.

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Lemony Eggy Baked Pancake (Dutch Baby) Recipe

Lemony, eggy, sprinkled with powdered sugar, a special treat for a weekend morning.

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Carving Wooden Spoons

At long last, I've gotten a knife and a gouge and have set out to learn this longtime dream.

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poems for covid-19 by Amy Bornman (new from ANEMONE)

a mini-collection of poems written in the early days of the pandemic stay-at-home orders.

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Publishing workflow for ANEMONE zines

Some notes on process and tools, in case they're useful.

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How we develop sewing pattern instructions at All Well

A lot goes into a sewing pattern: instructions, diagrams, charts, math, writing, editing. Here's our process.

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Solo Protesting (in the pandemic)

Standing with a sign by a busy interstate off-ramp. And some police abolition links.

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Anti-racist actions I've been taking

What some practical actions are looking like for me right now, in case it's useful.

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A List of Things to Risograph Print

Ideas for at least 100 things that could be riso prints. There's a lot to do with paper and ink.

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Dream Studio

For me, the spaces and tools for printmaking, illustration, computer tools, sewing, working by hand, writing, and putting work out into the world.

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Lockdown update

Rage, climate, trying to contribute, thoughts from the first months of lockdown.

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