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Mountaineering Hood / Neck Gaiter Pattern + Sewing DIY

One of my longest used pieces of gear I've made, a way to keep warm, hide from the sun, and regulate your temperature on chilly outdoor adventures.

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Mountaineering Energy Levels + Recovery Tips

Some tips for maintaining energy levels while mountaineering, and the recovery process afterwards.

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How to make Spoon Oil

It's just beeswax + mineral oil melted together.

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

My go-to chocolate chip cookies.

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Printing with the RISO Printer Driver for Mac

How we use the RISO printer driver for Mac.

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HAM Radio Volunteering for Disaster Response

Notes while I'm figuring out how to get HAM radio licensed and certified enough that I can do volunteer work for disaster response.

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Tartine Lemon Tarts

Less sweet, more lemony, more... rich? A different lemon tart that I miss from SF life -- here's the recipe with my cooking notes.

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Sourdough crêpes

Having a crêpe usually feels to me like true richness, and having extras in the fridge for later is a great wealth.

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Fly fishing vest pocket inspiration

Some photos of the incredible variety of secret pockets and pockets on pockets, for sewing reference.

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Digital Tool Recommendations

Some of the tools and apps that I find useful.

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studio notes, jan 17

Biking, sewing pants and underwear, coding, routines.

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studio notes, jan 10

Carving, maps, owls, halftones, finishing things.

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