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Fly fishing vest pocket inspiration

Some photos of the incredible variety of secret pockets and pockets on pockets, for sewing reference.

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Digital Tool Recommendations

Some of the tools and apps that I find useful.

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studio notes, jan 17

Biking, sewing pants and underwear, coding, routines.

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studio notes, jan 10

Carving, maps, owls, halftones, finishing things.

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Top of mind from 2020

An indoor year, reading, walking, riso, carving, learning, trying to turn anger into action.

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Croissants report -- take 2

One year later, another go at croissants... and this time, with morning buns and baklava knots too.

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Setting up letter sized zines to print on RISO

Using pdfLaTex to impose letter sized zines onto ledger (11x17) size paper.

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New Carvings

A small update on a few projects.

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All Well Studio Pants are here! Sew pants you love!

Want to learn to sew some pants? Amy and I made another All Well sewing pattern: Studio Pants!

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Sending money to state level candidates

Adam and I sent about 5% of our spending budget to state level candidates and other voting-related efforts this year — here's why giving to smaller races is so effective.

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RISO Tutorial & Template: Booklets or Mini-Zine (with 1 master)

How to lay out the design, risograph print and cut and fold brochures so that you can use ink and master stencils efficently.

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Exciting News: Adam's got a new Power Blog

"The more people that understand these systems and the hopeful possible future we can build, the better — so please join me in this exploration of the exciting world of clean energy."

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