I want to publish and risograph print a LOT of maps with ANEMONE. Let's be prolific!

Drawn by me, drawn by you, collaboratively drawn by you and some friends, maps drawn while blindfolded, maps drawn using the Exquisite Corpse method, maps of cities, maps of rivers, maps of cooking, maps that are useful or not. Here's some ideas, some of which I will draw, or you can draw them first. Send me your ideas if you wish, and I can add them here.


smoot map

  1. Smoot: Climbing Washington's Mountains

Evergreen ideas

  1. Your neighborhood, with favorite places
  2. Libraries, Parks, P-patches, Tool Libraries, and other resources in your town/city/neighborhood/region
  3. Imaginary map of your city as you envision it way better (post-police-abolition, with green new deal, cars banned, gardens everywhere, land use, etc)
  4. Map of an idyllic cabin land/camp/artist retreat/studios, with sauna, hot tub, garden, orchard, treehouse, etc - what do you dream?
  5. Scavenger hunt
  6. Map of Little Free Libraries near you
  7. Map of your bookshelf and favorite books
  8. Ready-to-draw-on map of your city/neighborhood, for people to add their own notes

Still to Print, semi-specific ideas

  1. P-Patch & Tool Library Map; Seattle region
  2. Seattle neighborhoods and parks and libraries overview
  3. Washington Rivers
  4. WA Rivers with Kayak Runs
  5. Urban fruit trees in Public Land in Seattle (link, link)
  6. All the PARKS in Seattle (link, link)
  7. Places to Swim in Seattle (link)
  8. Secret Beach End parks in Seattle (link, link)
  9. Secret parks in skyscrapers
  10. Bike-transit weekend trip brochures
  11. The Bulger List Map (climbing)
  12. Seattle Cafe/Bakeries
  13. Map made out of of favorite emojis and symbols
  14. Edible plant gleaning/foraging map
  15. Seattle Hot Springs
  16. Oregon Hot Springs
  17. Idaho Hot Springs
  18. California Hot Springs
  19. Nevada Hot Springs
  20. Arizona Hot Springs
  21. New Mexico Hot Springs
  22. Seattle Museums Map (plus info on ROAM/NARM reciprocal programs)
  23. Fire lookout map
  24. Map of notes on the neck of the guitar/bass/banjo/mandolin
  25. Seattle Sewing Resources
  26. Thrift shops, re-use centers, re-stores, recycling places
  27. Map of my favorite dewey decimal and other sections in the library
  28. PNW regional printmakers/print shops/print resources
  29. Seattle's Safe Streets (or other city) pedestrian/bike responses to the pandemic; mutual aid locations
  30. Map of sewing machine parts and stitches

Please use these ideas! Make maps! I'll help Riso print them with ANEMONE if you want, or you can print them so many other ways!

PS – Here's a list of 99+ other things we could risograph print together!