Period. The Zine! released

Sarah Godfrey and I released Period. The Zine. at the East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest on December 7, 2013. At 26 pages and 10 contributors, we're pretty proud that it came together in a month!

If you've always wondered how periods evolved, why we even have them - Val Aurora has summarized the research for you. Abby Young wrote an in depth critique of the various terrible monthly mail order menstrual package startups. There are poems, personal stories, and a review of a still-relevant 1946 Disney-Kotex advertising collaboration (complete with screenshots).

And "My Roommate Has An Iron Uterus" by Maggie Delano, an MIT electrical engineering PhD candidate who applied her experimental skills to tracking her and her roommates periods to investigate if they synced up.

Plus, if you've been meaning to track your period, or try some Quantified Self period-related experiments, my special fold-up pocket mod "Hipster Period Tracking App" comes with the zine. Suggested things to try, book recommendations, and even a DIY legend.

Here are some images from making the zine!

Email wombchunks@gmail.com if you'd like a copy $3 each + $2 S&H, or there might be copies at Double Union.

Mermaid Tits #2 (illustrations by Hannah Schulman) and Camel Toe #3 (rad feminist cultural critique edited by Abby Young) were also released at the zine fest!

Period. The Zine II is shaping up to be great, we already have submissions from a teenager who just got her first period, a story about period sex, and instructions for your own DIY uterus pinata. Send YOUR contributions - we'd love your stories, recipes, poems, comics, essays, or whatever. Feel free to send in submissions of just get in touch to talk about an idea: wombchunks@gmail.com. - Sarah & Amelia