Amelia greenhall
Hey, I'm Amelia Greenhall. I like to design products and make ideas come to life. I'm into reading, writing, biking, climbing, and making interesting things. You can email me if you want to say hello!
Senior design circuit
A circuit design for a hand crank electro-stimulator device to prevent postpartum hemorrhage, for use in places without electricity.
A print about homemade moonshine as medicine; it is not a drink that goes down easy.
A print in homage to our mustached, Stratego playing friend.
Mountains 2007
A print exploring abstract shapes, transparency and spacial overlap.
A holiday greeting postcard with a bicycle wrapped in lights.
A poster for a bike ride that summited all of Seattle's hills.
A design-build project to install custom shelving and a desk workspace.
An annual valentine screenprint featuring self portraits drawn by my husband and I.
Silent chainsaw killer
A screenprint for a portfolio exchange, illustrating a southern legend.
Capitol hill amelia greenhall2
A screenprint design for a mobile printshop touring Seattle neighborhoods.
A botanical invitation for a fall wedding.
Stock bond split demystified
An illustration for a finance blog, explaining a key investing concept.
A screenprinted shirt featuring the mythical bicycle centaur.
An series of sketches of the writers and illustrators who contributed to the Open Review Quarterly.
A screenprinted calling card and personal branding.
A set of ginkgo leaf thank you postcards.
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