Amelia greenhall
Hey, I'm Amelia Greenhall. I like to design products and make ideas come to life. I'm into reading, writing, biking, climbing, and making interesting things. You can email me if you want to say hello!
Fast company coverage model view culture thumbnail
Fast Company covered the launch of Model View Culture
Quarterly design thumbnail image
I designed the cover for the Model View Culture's Quarterly print edition
I designed the logo for Model View Culture
Du website thumb
Design and implementation of mobile first Ruby on Rails app.
An illustration for a feminist anthology of science fiction.
Period. the zine thumb
Comics, essays, and stories about menstruation and health.
Hipster period app thumbnail
Like the Hipster PDA, this folded paper book is an "app" for tracking your cycle
Personal health narrative
A conceptual illustration of how subjective health data could be displayed on a narrative timeline.
A postcard illustrating the things you need to get started taking a bike tour!
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An interactive made for CNN Money using USDA data.
A talk about how I weighed myself every day for years and learned how to change my weight.
A bent steel, welded side table built while apprenticing at a metal fabrication shop.
A set of custom sewn sleeves to protect various tech devices from bike pannier grit.
Sticker and screenprint design, "The Internet Feminists Are Watching You"
Screenprint squirrel
A screenprint about the unexpected collisions between humans and nature.
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Pouches 2013
A collection of handsewn pouches.
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