Open Review Quarterly

The Open Review Quarterly is a collaboratively edited literary journal on modern culture.

Imagine shaking off some layers of self, going outside to look at a plant or otherwise finding brief clarity, then extracting some pearl of resonating personal truth to share.

Why we created it

The intention is to increase the amount of awesome in the world. Shipping is hard. Everyone needs a little push to create. The ORQ provides a topic to start with, a deadline, and friendly, collaborative editing process to make sharing your writing less intimidating.

I founded the quarterly in 2010 with my husband Adam, our longtime collaborator Michael Ahillen, and a loose confederation of literary folk who review and edit the submissions for each issue.

Over 40 artists and writers hailing from about 20 states and 3 countries have published work in the Quarterly.

Beyond my role as publisher, I designed the website (ux/ui). I also illustrate a portrait for each contributor.

In addition, I occasionally write and illustrate for the issues. You can find my work here. If you'd like to just read one thing I wrote, I'd suggest starting with "How Forest Cities Come To Be Built" from the Weird Education issue, or "How Do You Want To Feel" from the Money issue.

Recommended Reading

This short piece, The Rhinestone Macbeth, by Kit Buckley:

Other favorites include: A Prayer by Emily Taibleson, The Night of the Deer by Adam Greenhall, I Am Ashamed To Ask by Rachel Kaminer, Recipe for Romance by Ean Berstel, Beneath the Bad Habits by Joe Heffernan, Is Your Soul Prepared by Noah Walcutt, and Boredom by Luke Wolcutt.

Publication details

The Open Review Quarterly is published as an online journal, but we previously offered printable PDFs that fold into small books, and PDFs for offline reading. The first several issues can also be found at ZAPP, the Zine Archive and Publishing Project, in the Richard Hugo House on Capitol Hill in Seattle.

Adam and I designed and built the rails app that powers the journal, and made the code available open source. You can find it on Github.