Moving Averages

A talk I gave at Quantified Self Silicon Valley in January 2013 about how I track my weight to maintain it within a target range.

I've kept tracking my weight for years after losing 40 pounds from 2007-2009 [more about that experiment here], and find it so useful that I intend to continue doing so for the rest of my life. This follow up talk is about exactly how I track my weight, how I prefer to view it as a ten-day running average, and how I've found that the simple act of tracking it acts as an early warning system for when I need to make adjustments.

Tracking something you are trying to keep the same might not sound that exciting, but as Gary Wolf said:

One of the things I really liked here was Amelia’s comment that sometimes a line that doesn’t change is interesting and useful, too. What she means, in this case, I think, is that at the right scale and with the right transformation (in this case a simple moving average), what might have look like “noisy” or “random” or “static” data becomes coherent and meaningful.

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