Fast Co on MVC

Reporter Rebecca Greenfield covered the launch of Model View Culture for Fast Company.

I talked to her about how the publication got its name:

That's where Model View Culture comes in, starting with the name, which is an homage to Model View Controller, a common pattern used in software development, Amelia Greenhall, the publication's other founder, explained to Fast Company. "The name, Model View Culture, plays with the idea of examining the structures behind the technology establishment, and with the idea of culture as a, or even the, driving force shaping technology and technical production," she said.

And the article covered our past work, and business model.

Both Kane and Greenhall come from within the Valley structures that their publication critiques. They both quit their jobs to work on Model View full time about three months ago. But before that, Kane worked at a few "high-growth startups" in the infrastructure space and Greenhall worked as a UX/UI designer and data scientist, among other things. She also founded Double Union, a feminist hacker space in San Francisco. Both of them had written about their experiences as female coders for various outlets; Greenhall also publishes an independent literary journal.

But perhaps the most concrete way Model View is working to change the dynamic is by paying all of its writers, allowing those with less privilege to have their voices heard. And, despite eschewing VC money to ensure that the editorial perspective isn't tied to corporate interests, it doesn't sound like that model will be too hard to sustain: the magazine is already profitable through selling print copies.