Dots on The Bus

This playful urban transit visualization was my design in response to the Urban Data Challenge. Municipal transit agencies in San Francisco, Zurich, and Geneva opened up one week of transit data - millions of lines of bus geolocation, arrival time, and passenger counts - to outside developers like us.

The project won the juried $5,000 Grand Prize (press release, video of awards event highlights). The Atlantic Cities wrote an article about it: "Your Rush Hour Commute as An Animated Cartoon".

Dots on the Bus in The Atlantic Cities

We were invited by SFMTA thought leader Chris Panaglian to present at a lunch seminar to the SFMTA and to the San Francisco chapter of Young Professionals in Transportation. The project will also be featured at the LIFT Open Knowledge conference in Switzerland in Fall 2013.

Design Inspiration

Especially for the first time, bus riding can feel intimidating, so I wanted to build a visualization proves that everybody's doing it. Pick a route off the map and watch a day in the life of the line. Buses speed by, passengers jumping on and off. Some lines are slow, some are hopping, and rush hour is often hilarious.

A talk on design and

Adam and I gave a talk about the design process and the d3.js techniques we used to build it in September 2013 at the Bay Area d3.js meetup.

In the presentation, we shared several examples of timers, transitions, force layouts that we build up to show how the different pieces come together. The code for the presentation is here.