Biodiesel Initiative

At Vanderbilt, I helped found the Biodiesel Initiative, contributing to the design and build out of a campus scale community biodiesel production system.

For this work I was awarded an ENGAGE research fellowship. This funded the research and production of an environmental impact assessment of on-campus biodiesel production processes and alternative fuel use, including a supply chain analysis.

Below are images showing the biodiesel production facility we built, and the trailer that collected waste oil from restaurants and other locations in the community.

Now known as the Alternative Energy Club, it continues to operate a self-sufficient, sustainable, student-run biodiesel production system that converts local waste vegetable oil from campus dining facilities into environmentally responsible biodiesel fuel that can be used in any diesel-fueled engine. The fuel is currently used to power vehicles such as plant operations trucks and landscaping machinery. The goal is to curb the consumption of petroleum-based fuel by the Vanderbilt community with a system that is economically and environmentally sustainable.