Awesome Portfolio Checklist

Want to know how to have a great investment portfolio? You could read a huge stack of books and academic papers. But, as a press project for FutureAdvisor, I did it for you, distilling it down to the seven things.

The Awesome Portfolio Checklist was featured on Lifehacker:

Part infographic, part checklist, Amelia's printable PDF offers a high-level to-do list for your retirement needs. It doesn't focus on a specific age, but rather the sorts of tasks you need to perform at any time in your life: make sure your investment portfolio is age-appropriate, your funds are diversified, you invest idle cash, and you utilize your tax shelters.

Bill Shultheis, the author of the bestseller The Coffeehouse Investor, recommended the checklist, saying: summed up one of my two hour Coffeehouse webinars in a one-page illustration.

I also designed and implemented the fully responsive launch page for the project.

Lifehacker also featured it a second time, in a new article called "This Checklist Helps You Make Sure Your Investments Are on Track"

The Awesome Portfolio Checklist runs true to its name. It's a checklist for reviewing and setting up your investment portfolio, and it is awesome.