Amelia greenhall
Hey, I'm Amelia Greenhall. I like to design products and make ideas come to life. I'm into reading, writing, biking, climbing, and making interesting things. You can email me if you want to say hello!
Open Review Quarterly 2010-present
A collaboratively edited literary journal on modern culture.
Zombies cover
I illustrated the cover for the book Pedal Zombies: Thirteen Zombie Science Fiction Stories
Fast co double union thumb
Fast Company's Most Creative People profile of me
Arc 00 thumbnail
Technology the discerning city bike commuter needs.
Hipster habit app
A printable, pocketable, foldable mini workbook designed to help you change a habit.
Double union screenprint cover
A print for early donors to the nonprofit's first funding drive.
Budge 2011-2012
A mobile application designed to help start new healthy habits.
A playful transit visualization for three cities using open source data to show the flow of riders on a bus line.
Awesome portfolio checklist
A one page printable that covers everything you need to do to have a great investment portfolio.
Collectors 2009
A series of silkscreen prints about how we attempt to protect ourselves.
Atlantic self tracking thumbnail
I was interviewed by journalist Rose Eveleth about self tracking as a woman.
An interview with Newsweek reporter Alissa Quart on the intersection of Quantified Self and feminism.
An interview on NPR's Kojo Nmadi show about new consumer technologies.
New disruptors episode 56 thumbnail
I went on Glenn Fleishman's podcast to talk about Double Union
An interactive map for WSJ's Election 2012 coverage, showing retirement savings in red vs blue states.
A data analysis for CNN Money exposing the high 401k fees at many employers.
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